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Objective: What everyone can do, we do better

The Company is committed to providing an environment that is conducive for our customers to entrust us with looking after their real estate needs.

* Courtesy

We will address all our customers by their appropriate titles e.g. ‘Mr’, ‘Ms’ unless given permission to do otherwise.  Listening to our customers and attending to their needs are our first priority.

* Sense of Urgency

Prompt client communication and action remain a constant priority.  All enquiries and requests require an immediate response unless it is impossible to do so.

* Peace of Mind

We will be in constant contact with our customers who entrust us with the sale of their properties.  Feedback is important so that customers are aware of the circumstances and can evaluate their positions in the first instance

* Investment in Technology

We continually invest in progressive technology to keep abreast of the latest tools that will enhance our competitive edge and to better serve our  clients and customers.

* Professional

We continually invest in training of our staff in industry practices and methods to hone our image as a dedicated and professional team.  We are progressive in our quest for knowledge so that we may represent ourselves with competence, confidence and integrity.

* Ethical Work Practices

We want to command the respect of our customers and our peers by our honorable and ethical work practices.

Over the years, our customer service policy has been the cornerstone of our success and this winning formula has been, and will continue to be, our Total Commitment to Customer Service.



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Who is behind Real Estate Portfolio?


Dedicated to providing service with a smile, Annie Sim has committed herself to providing service which is caring yet practical.

We want to help you build your real estate portfolio.  To that extent, we have close links with Tan and Tan Lawyers to provide you with legal advice for every step of your journey towards building a Real Estate Portfolio that you will be proud of.

We have also secured the services of professional financing agents to make sure that if you see the property you want, we will get you the right finance to make sure you buy it.


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